Cerâmica Portinari


Sustainability is the keyword which ensures the company's productivity and quality of our products.

Thinking ahead and doing more with less are values that are present in our everyday life in our industrial units, so that the economic, social, and environmental dimensions are always in balance.

In the production process we try to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones through the use of techniques and equipment needed for the control of the process, besides the adoption of an environmental management system based on ISO 14001.

The industrial units use the following methods for environmental control:

- Management program of solid waste through the reuse, recycling and final disposal of the waste;

- Treatment of wastewater generated by the reuse in a closed circuit;

- Treatment of atmospheric emissions from the process using cyclones and scrubbers;

- Reuse of damaged products and sludge generated in the manufacturing process;

- Environmental monitoring program (noise, atmospheric emissions and water resources);

- Restoration of degraded areas;

- Program of checking the deposits of suppliers to meet the legal requirements;

Also, we invest in the awareness of our professionals through educational campaigns and conducting internal seminars.

All of this care with environmental parameters makes the company the only one certified by the Scientific Certification System - SCS and affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Certification - USGBC for points in LEED projects. 

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