Business Vision

"Be the most profitable Tile Company globally by 2017, being considered a reference in innovation as well as trend setter.

Company Mission

Provide innovative and add-value tiling solutions, exceeding the expectations of our clients, employees, shareholders and suppliers.

Values, what we believe in…
• A team of owners – We recruit, develop and maintain the best talents. PEOPLE  is our main asset!
• Our Team GROWS BY MERIT, working together with joy and team working spirit.
• We take good care of OUR business every day.
We make it Happen - We are driven by RESULTS.
• We fulfill our promises with SIMPLICITY, EFFICIENCY and AUSTERITY.
• We have SENSE OF URGENCY and do not play around! We have initiative and focus on completion.
Passion for Business - We are proud to work for the Company, we assist and satisfy the needs of our CUSTOMERS! We give our best!
• We aim at permanent excellence, the NONCONFORMISM is constant.
• We seek opportunities and focus on solving them with creativity and responsibility.
Ethics and Virtue - We are honest, we are TRANSPARENT! We do not sacrifice our name or brand to achieve results.
• We are humble to learn and admit our mistakes.
 Sustainability - We care about the future! We act in a sense that the economic, social and environmental dimensions are always in balance. We make more with less!

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