Cerâmica Portinari


Cerâmica Portinari


1971: Start of business operations with the production of wall tiles.


1972: Pioneer in the production of decorated wall tiles.


1995: First company in the industry and the Americas to receive ISO 9002 Certification.


2001: First company in Brazil to produce porcelain tiles in large formats - size 60x120cm with the Marmi Collection. Photo: Mik Biersack Architect: Leila Barakat – Artefacto SP Haddock Lobo - 2010


2005: Launch of the Caribbean Collection, with soft shades inspired by the sand of the beach.


The Revolution Collection is launched with a contemporary and innovative concept with urban and timeless colors. Photo: Mik Biersack


Architects: Salim Dib and Yara Furtado - Artefacto Sao Paulo 2009 D&D Launch of the campaign "What does your house wear?" with the models Mariana Weickert, Ana Claudia Michels and Gianne Albertoni "wearing" Cerâmica Portinari porcelain tiles.


The Vivere Collection impressed because of their wall tiles that were decorated in large formats.


Launch of the Tekton Collection with urban colors for contemporary projects. Photo: Mik Biersack Architects: Salim Dib and Yara Furtado - Artefacto Sao Paulo 2010 D&D


The Innova Collection is produced with a technology mix that lets you play with the perfection of the texture and the natural aesthetics of the materials that inspire it.


To strengthen the concept of sustainability, the company becomes a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and their products score for LEED Certification.


Launch of the new category of porcelain tiles: Crossover. Strength and durability with a unique design. Photo: Mik Biersack Architect: Fábio Morozini - Artefacto Haddock Lobo 2013


Sustainability and enhancement of the natural materials are the most remarkable features of the Eco Plant HD Collection. Its surface reproduces the pine wood flooring.


Launching of a new concept in wall coverings with Collections Prisma and Evidence. Different forms with high relief cause beautiful effects when contrasted with lights and shadows.


Wall tiles with relief become even more functional when produced in porcelain tiles indicated for use in facades and interior walls.

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