Em 2010 a Cecrisa S.A. é eleita pelo quarto ano consecutivo como umas das 150 melhores empresas para se trabalhar.

In 2010 Cecrisa SA is elected for the fourth consecutive year as one of the 150 best companies to work.

Cecrisa SA is a corporation that produces and sells porcelain and ceramic tiles with  PORTINARI and CECRISA brands.

The company began in the 40s, when businessman Diomício Freitas began extracting coal at the Santa Catarina carbon basin.

The company Cerâmica Criciúma S.A was opened on June 8th 1966, by Santa Catarina businessman Manoel Dilor de Freitas, son of Diomício Freitas. The first tiles came off the production line on April 11th 1971. Since then the company has been following an aggressive expansion plan. Innovation and originality have always been watchwords for Cecrisa.

The company currently leads its sector. It has the largest range of porcelain tiles on the domestic market. The company has Regional Sales offices in every major city in the country. It exports to over 50 countries on 5 continents. It runs 5 industrial units with modern factories that use leading production methods for porcelain and ceramic tiles.

The company has a professional management composed by the Cecrisa Board of Directors and the Executive Board.